riticisms of Pentecostalism

The Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement has affected the whole of Christianity in a way not seen since the Protestant Reformation. Though many admire how it energizes its followers, many theologians and ministers are shocked at how much of traditional Christian doctrine many of these denominations and churches either completely ignore, misinterpret, or mangle into ideologies similar to the ancient heresies of the past. Many have called certain tenets of this movement heretical, and explain why.

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Criticisms of General Pentecostalism
The Pentecostal Error* An article -- nearly 60 years old -- discussing the errors of traditional Pentecostal practices supposedly based in the Bible. The article is a bit dated, but much of what it states continues to be practiced in many Assemblies of God and Apostolic Pentecostal churches -- and is still relevant today.

Pentecostalism -- In the Light of the World* A brilliant speech that uses careful scriptural analysis to disprove many Pentecostal "doctrines."

What's All This About Tongues?* An informative look at the issue of "speaking in tongues" from a biblical perspective.

Dialogue With Pentecostals* An interesting article in that it points out the Pentecost faiths' lack of traditional Christian doctrine. It was written by Roman Catholics after an interfaith "dialogue" the RCC created to learn more about differing Christian faiths.

Spiritual Manifestations and the Gift of Tongues* An interesting essay that suggests that "tongues" do have a supernatural source, but not one of Heavenly origins! Includes historical tidbits about small isolated occurrences of "tongues" during the early 19th Century.

Neo-Montanism* An "outline" describing Pentecostalism as part of a "Neo-Montanistic" heresy. Complete with excerpts from early 20th Century commentators on the then-emerging movement. Quite informative, save a small error mentioning the UPCI.

20th Century Tongues . . . Faith or Fake?* A website debunking many Pentecostal practices, complete with audio clips of a few Televangelists.

Criticisms of the Charismatic Movement
Whither the Charismatic Movement?*   An article outlining the progression of the Charismatic Movement, traditional Christianity's reluctance to criticize it, and it's latest scourge, the "Third Wave" movement.

Where is the Charismatic Movement Headed?* An article exposing some of the movement's most popular leaders.

Charismatic Chaos* Transcripts from a brilliant series of sermons that later became the basis of a book of the same title by John F. MacArthur, Jr..  Easy to read, blunt, and occasionally humorous, this series shines light on many Charismatic errors.  He shows how "feelings" and "emotions" reign supreme in a movement that often discounts the relevance of the Bible -- sometimes overtly.  These are a MUST READ! 
Part I- Are Experiences a Valid Source of Truth?    Part II - Does God Still Give Revelation Today?    Part III - Does God Still Give Prophecies?    Part IV - Proper Biblical Interpretations    Part V - Does God Do Miracles Today?    Part VI - The Third Wave, with all of its Excesses    Part VII - How do the Spiritual Gifts Operate    Part VIII - What was Happening in the Early Church?    Part IX - Does God Still Heal?   Part X  - Speaking in Tongues   Part XI - What is True Spirituality   Part XII -  Does God Promise Health and Wealth? (Part One)   Part XIII - Does God Promise Health and Wealth? (Part Two)    Part XIV - New Revelation

The Charismatic Movement:  Bringing a Balance to Opposing Views*   An essay that interestingly offers tepid praise for rejuvenating Christianity, but expresses deep concern over glaring errors that afflict the core of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

Charismatic Theology* An article critical of many of the claims of this movement, and of its brand of ecumenical unity that it seeks to spread over Christianity.

. . . The False Teachings of the Charismatics*   An essay dispelling many myths of this movement.  It is written from a "Reformed" point of view.

The Montanist Heresy*   An Orthodox essayist compares the modern Charismatic movement to an ancient Catholic heresy in which the words or "prophecies" of their ministers were of equal or greater value than the Bible or the words of the Apostles.

Answering "Counterfeit" Revival Leader, Rev. John Kilpatrick*   A web article criticizing the revival claims of the above minister during the multi-year "revival"  held at his church in Pensecola, Florida.

I Was a Flaky Preacher - (NEW!) an online book by a former Charismatic preacher who exposes Charismatic errors in Christianity and in the Bible.  There is ordering information for purchase, but entire book is online on that site.

Criticisms of Oneness (Apostolic)  Pentecostalism
The Other Pentecostals* "Charisma Magazine's" famous article outlining the unusual belief system of Oneness Pentecostals, complete with comments by some officials within the most populous denomination, the UPCI.

Oneness Pentecostals* A list of articles of this faith by the Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM).

The Gospel According to Oneness Pentecostalism*   A personal experience and criticism of this movement at large.

Oneness Pentecostalism*   A profile of this sect by the "Watchman Expositor."  Covers many doctrinal errors within this faith.

The Oneness Pentecostal View of Salvation*   An article outlining the errant doctrines of this faith; particularly their "Jesus Name" baptism, necessity of tongues, and the Victorian-era dress code of many of their local assemblies.

Modalism and Church History*   Compares Oneness doctrines to ancient Catholic heresies.

Oneness Pentecostalism and the Trinity*   Another article exploring claims of this sect, especially their anti-Trinitarian view of the Godhead.

An Examination and Refutation of the Denial of the Trinity by Oneness Pentecostalism*   Another article exploring the same issue as the last.

Sharing Your Faith With a Oneness Pentecostal*  Part I,   Part II Two articles by the Christian Research Journal explaining how traditional Christians and Pentecostals can answer the Oneness Pentecostal heresies.

Anatomy of a service  Originally posted on a message forum, man recounts how a typical Apostolic service would play out in his church.

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